This sultry songstress has a timeless sound that will captivate your interest from the moment you take a listen to her debut album, Make Me Happy, Make Me Blue.
Meghan began songwriting at the age of 14 and the second track on the album All Alone is one of the first songs she wrote. As she was getting ready to graduate from college five years later, she sought out a studio where she could record a demo in hopes of pursuing a music career. This is when she found Signature Sounds Studio and met recording engineer Mark Thayer who has worked with a wide range of artists ranging from Louise Taylor to James Taylor. After meeting and listening to her work, he convinced her to record a whole album of her original music instead of just a demo. A few months later, they began collaborating and working on what would become her first album, Make Me Happy, Make Me Blue.
Meghan has a broad display of vocal color and her soulful phrasing paints an image that will carry you through the story. Her lyrics draw on both the solitude and playfulness of life, bringing your mind and heart along for the ride. She fearlessly mixes genres to create a sound uniquely her own, melting styles from Jazz to Reggae together as if they always belonged. Meghan’s debut album captures her wide range of ability and welcomes the listener to a refreshing escape.

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